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To build trust and to show you how capable we are, Bizwebdesign will rank a long tail keyword for your website for $50 once off. You will only need to pay us once your website is on page#1 of Google.

How it’s going to work?

Step 1 – You will submit an inquiry form below
Step 2 – We will then drop you an email or give you a call to discuss.
Step 3 – We will then come to an agreement on what long tail keyword we will rank and the time to rank it.
Step 4 – We will then contact you or drop you an email once we’ve got your site to page #1 of Google.
Step 5 – We will invoice you $50ex once off. We will stop doing SEO work on the keyword and the ranking will gradually drop or we can continue to rank the keyword for $50 monthly.

If you are happy with our service and is happy with the result, we can then discuss your SEO strategy and rank for more competitive keyword at a monthly fees of $395ex monthly.

What is a long tail keyword?
If you operate a lawn mowing business you would probably want to rank for “lawn mowing” or “mowing lawn” on Google. However, those keywords are normally quite competitive and take time and money to rank. So what we offer is to rank a long tail keyword for you. In this case it might be

– Lawn mowing in Perth
– Lawn mowing Perth
– Perth Lawn mowing
– Best lawn moving in Perth

Client’s keywords that are on page #1 of Google Australia (Searches per month)

Zara Kids – 1,300/mth
Zara Kids Clothing – 70/mth
Zara Baby Australia – 90/mth
Zara clothing – 2,400/mth
Flower Girl Dresses Australia – 880/mth
Perth Escort – 4,400/mth

Flower Girl Dresses – 8,100/mth
it companies – 170/mth
it companies perth – 70/mth
cloud computing – 5,400/mth
cloud computing Perth – 50/mth
Escort Perth – 880/mth

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