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Seo Perth

Are You Ready for Results?

Our SEO Packages start at just $395 (ex GST) per month for 1 main keyword and 3-4 long-tail keywords, but (here’s the best part) YOU DON’T PAY UNTIL YOUR SITE RANKS ON THE FIRST PAGE! 

SEO Starter Pack

Get started with Bizwebdesign SEO package which includes:

  • 1 main keyword ranking
  • 3 – 5 long-tail keyword ranking
  • Weekly Google Analytics report (traffic report)
  • Access to keyword ranking portal to track your keyword rank live.
  • Pay nothing until your main keyword get on page #1 of Google

Price: From $395ex

That’s right. We’re so confident in our abilities, that we’re taking all the risk and offering completely performance-based SEO Perth.

Now, you’re probably wondering why we’re so confident. So, let’s take a look at some of our keywords that are on page #1 of Google.

Client’s keywords that are on page #1 of Google Australia (Searches per month)

Zara Kids – 1,300/mth
Zara Kids Clothing – 70/mth
Zara Baby Australia – 90/mth
Zara clothing – 2,400/mth
Flower Girl Dresses Australia – 880/mth

Flower Girl Dresses – 8,100/mth
it companies – 170/mth
it companies perth – 70/mth
cloud computing – 5,400/mth
cloud computing Perth – 50/mth

Case Study

Have You Heard These SEO Myths?

To get your page ranking on the 1st page of Google’s search results, it takes a really long time.

Truth? It doesn’t have to. If you choose the right SEO team, a team who knows what they’re doing, you can achieve that first page ranking much faster than you’ve been told.

 With BizWeb, you pay NOTHING (zero, zilch) until you are on Page #1

First page Google rankings require a major investment of time and/or money

You don’t have to invest much more than a minute, as long as you find the right SEO partner. The right partner is capable of ranking your site for your desired keywords, but won’t charge you an arm and a leg for the service.

 BizWeb can deliver page one results in as little as 7 days!

 Google prefers older/aged websites, so if you have a new website, you can’t win.

Although there is a glimmer of truth to this myth, it is a fact that new sites achieve first-page rankings ALL THE TIME.

 Watch your new (or old site) climb the ranks with weekly Google Analytics reporting

 All you need is great content and a keyword-optimized site to rank on page one.

Creating great content and a keyword-optimizing your website are the first steps in any SEO journey, but they aren’t the only ones. Giving the advice that content and keywords are all you need is kind of like only giving someone directions for the first two miles of a cross-country trip.

We’ll get you to your page one destination

 If you don’t have a big budget, you can’t compete with the big players.

People too often dismiss the advantages that small businesses have. As a small business, you can make quick decisions, so great ideas can become reality over night. No red tape. more you think and act outside the box, the greater your chances are of competing with the big players.

BizWeb will help give you an edge

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